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Ciji ReadingI’m often asked to name a selection of my favorite authors.

Well, anyone who knows me can tick them off quickly: Daphne du Maurier and Anya Seton, but I love Jane Austen, of course, along with Rosamund Pilcher, and a new novelist I’ve discovered who writes Regency mysteries, Tasha Alexander.

I also love Jacqueline Winspear’s Maisie Dobbs series set in the early 20th century, and of course, I love the Sourcebooks/Landmark’s reissuing of the Georgette Heyer legacy.  I have to read a lot of nonfiction for the work I do in that genre, so there is no greater pleasure in life, as far as I’m concerned, than to curl up with a juicy historical that sweeps me out of my ordinary day and into the past.  I am so grateful that this genre appears to be experiencing a marked resurgence of reader interest!

The issue for historical writers these days is:  who has time to read an historical the length of Gone with the Wind ?  I always am tempted as a novelist to tell the reader way more about a subject than he or she probably has the time or interest to explore.  The trick is offering the right balance of “history” with a page-turning plot for today’s reader.  I know that I, along with everyone else I know, save up “long books” for when I have some uninterrupted reading time: vacations, primarily.  But, oh, do I love it when I find a new author whose work captures my imagination and I know I have a nice, long book to look forward to.  Finding that perfect mix is much more of an issue in this day of hours spent doing email and work.  The image of yours truly you see on your left comes all too infrequently I find…  What about you?

More on my “favs” and rather eclectic reading choices as we go along in CIJI’S BLOG! Meanwhile, a belated Happy Fourth of July…I hope you found time to read a good book!

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