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Attention event coordinators, fiction and book groups, writers’ organizations and purveyors of inspiration for those who love history.

Let a Bestselling Author Entertain and Inspire Your Audiences

The author of six novels published to high acclaim, and an Emmy-award winning TV and radio broadcaster and sought-after event speaker, Ciji Ware offers spell-binding tales of living the writers’ life and researching her books the world over, as well as sharing with budding authors the benefit of her practical wisdom gleaned from a multi-media professional writing career spanning three decades.

I. TOPICS For Lovers of Literature

  • In The Footsteps of a Scottish Duchess: Tracing the history of the flamboyant 18th c. political powerhouse: Jane Maxwell, 4th Duchess of Gordon
  • The Fatal Friendship: Marie Antoinette and the mysterious Count Axel Von Fersen of Sweden
  • Fine Bone China: The Women in Josiah Wedgwood’s World
  • Wicked Company: 18th c. Professional Women Playwrights at Covent Garden and Drury Lane
  • Jane Austen and Theatrical Allusions: The Plays She Saw; The Plays She Applauded
  • The Queen’s Harp: Professional Women Musicians and Painters in the Court of Marie Antoinette
  • A Grand Design: Julia Morgan’s Restoration of Nob Hill’s Fairmont Hotel Following the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake and Firestorm
  • Romantic Fiction: The Real Bestsellers
  • Who Did I Think I Was? Searching for Ancestors While Writing Historical Fiction
  • Cottages, Cornwall, and Carmel: The Impact of An Author’s History on Writing Historical Fiction
  • Genetic Memory: How Brain Science Helped Me Write Historical Fiction
  • History and Historical Fiction: Telling Tales with Some Truth to Them

II. TOPICS For Aspiring Writers

  • Writing the First Novel
  • “C” is for Conflict
  • Location, Location, Location: Setting as a Character in the Novel
  • Fact vs. Fiction: Getting It Right Even if You Make It Up
  • Parlaying Fact into Fiction: Portraying A Sense of Place Without Alarming the Natives
  • Effective Research
  • Another Time, Another Place: Using Description to Establish Setting, Mood, and Character in Paranormal Fiction
  • What is Your Theme? Answer That and You’ve Got a Novel!
  • Writers Reinventing Themselves: Transforming Basic Writing Skills into the Digital Age
  • Blogging, Tweeting, and Facing the Future: How Writers Can Survive in the New Publishing Paradigm
  • A Print Veteran Ventures into the Dot Com World for Fun and Profit
  • Promoting Yourself and Your Writing in the Digital Age

Appearances & Clients

    • SANTA BARBARA BOOK CONFERENCE: Keynote "The Real Bestsellers"
    • NATCHEZ LITERARY CONFERENCE: "Weaving Fact and Fiction"
    • MYSTERY WRITERS CONFERENCE: "'C' is for Conflict"
    • ROMANCE WRITERS OF AMERICA: numerous featured speaker appearances
    • BOOK PASSAGE, featured speaker on Women's Fiction
    • BOOKS INC, featured speaker on Writing the First Novel
    • BORDERS, featured speaker, Writing Historical Fiction
    • CONNIE MARTISON TALKS BOOKS, Interview on Writing Historical Fiction
    • UCLA WRITERS' PROGRAM: Instructor, Writing the First Novel
    • STAATENDAM, Circumnavigation of Great Britain, 4 lectures on British History subjects
    • LIBRARY PROGRAMS: Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Santa Barbara, Carmel, Sausalito-CA
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