“Enchanted Cornwall”

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So far, in 2010, my new publisher, Sourcebooks/Landmark, has reprinted in beautiful new editions two of five historical novels they’re reissuing for me, plus have scheduled my first new historical in a decade for April of 2011.  Over the years as these books were published, I’ve often been asked if I have a favorite setting that really gets my creative juices flowing. Read more

A new release of Cottage by the Sea

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A Cottage by the SeaIf any of you historical readers love Cornwall, England, and are fascinated by the idea that events in the past are still impacting your life in ways you’d never imagine, you might enjoy A Cottage by the Sea that was published by Sourcebooks/Landmark in June of this year.

I’ve always been slightly obsessed by the linkages between areas in America that were settled fairly early and the regions in Europe from whence the settlers to our country came.  In this case, many the Cornish tin miners ended up in the mines of Wyoming and Pennsylvania. Read more

Revisting Jane Maxwell

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In revisiting something this writer penned two decades earlier, it was invigorating to think about the qualities of my heroine in Island of the Swans– Jane Maxwell, the 4th Duchess of Gordon—and the qualities in  her that I so admired…and to evaluate whether my portrayal was truly a close characterization of her.

I think I portrayed her as near reality as a writer could while still remembering to be a “storyteller”—which is the first duty of historical novelists, in my view.  Read more

My Connection to Island of the Swans

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The novel Island of the Swans that’s been reissued after twenty years takes place primarily in Scotland, with the social season also set in London. I loved researching and writing about both Scotland and England, perhaps because I  have family connections to both.

As I mentioned in an earlier blog post, I come from a Scottish-American background, as you can guess from this picture in June 2009 at my son and now daughter-in-law’s engagement party.  Spending all those years researching Swans deeply connected me to my Scottish roots.  Additionally, it turns out that my husband of 33 years, Tony Cook, is also of Scottish-American derivation. Read more

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