That Winter in Venice

That Winter in Venice

Publisher: Life Events Library/Lion's Paw Publishing October 2015

ISBN: 978-0988940857


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A tale of two cities famed for revelry and danger…at risk of disappearing forever…

New Orleans natives Serena Antonelli, an Italian-American costume designer, and Pulitzer Prize-winning environmental reporter Jack Durand meet on a fateful flight bound for Venice where the pair confront a shared destiny spawned by a national tragedy and a connection they could never have imagined or foretold.

While fierce storms blow in from the Adriatic inundating the Global Rising Waters Conference where Jack is a keynote speaker, the acqua alta also threatens to drown Venice’s legendary carnival celebrations and sink Serena’s desperate plan to rescue her family’s century-old costume company from its post-Hurricane Katrina insolvency.

With 400 guests in glittering regalia poised to descend on a leaky palazzo, the pair ultimately shares a magical night at Il Ballo di Carnevale in a spellbinding interplay of history and romance that soon jeopardizes their chances of sustaining the passionate bond they’ve forged. Exposed, too, are threads of public corruption and private wounds that must be healed before Serena and Jack can put to rest the tumult back home in New Orleans and remake their lives as one.

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