Joint Custody After Divorce

Joint Custody After Divorce:

How to Make Shared Parenting Work

Publisher: Life Events Library



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It’s no news that there are millions of divorces a year in America, two thirds of them involve children under the age of fourteen.  What is news, and offers hope to families seeking a path to a more serene world for themselves and their kids, is that Shared Parenting (also known as “Joint Custody,” “Co-Custody,” and a variety of descriptive names) offers a sane and humane solution that guarantees a lasting and realistic relationship between parent and child.  This book shows how divorcing couples–even angry ones at the time of the split– can cooperate as “partners” after divorce, sharing the responsibilities—and the pleasures—of raising children into happy and productive adulthood.

This book offers practical, step-by-step measures for how parents who no longer are married to each other can navigate through the legal and emotional issues confronting them to create a parenting plan, going forward, that will help their children thrive, despite the divorce.  Every essential fact, feeling and consequence involved in a shared custody agreement is spelled out in clear, sympathetic and highly readable language, serving as a blueprint for what may have seemed an unsolvable dilemma. Here you will find specifics, not generalities, and read the stories of families who “ended the war” and started a new chapter where all members of the family created healthy, happy lives.

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Awards & Accolades:

  • Featured on national television, including The Today Show, Hour Magazine, Alive & Well.
  • Subject of Emmy-award winning program “Parents Who Kidnap Their Own Kids” PBS-Los Angeles
  • Honored by the Los Angeles Family Mediation Service, Hugh McIssac, Director

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