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Attention  writers, authors organizations, real estate marketers, senior move managers, professional organizers, purveyors of inspiration for active adults and professionals in the human relations field whose clients are dealing with the aftermath of divorce.

Let a Bestselling Author Motivate Your Prospects and Entertain and Inspire Your Audiences

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    • Testimonials

      • The Rightsizing program was a huge success! We ordered more books and continue to give them to prospective residents. Right off the bat, we had one sale from the seminar, which is fabulous. We are so happy we were able to introduce our priority prospects to Ciji as her message really helped in our marketing program.
        Annette Paccapaniccia, Continuing Care Sales & Marketing Specialist
      • Ciji's program and book were immensely popular with my prospect base. Her practical and cleverly delivered presentation was warmly received by an audience hungry for her great advice.
        Maryellen Conner, Sales Director, Classic Residence by Hyatt
      • A Los Angeles Area Emmy for public affairs programs awarded to Ciji Ware, producer and host of "Parents Who Kidnap Their Own Kids" broadcast on KCET-TV and author of Sharing Parenthood After Divorce: An Enlightened Custody Guide for Mothers, Fathers, and Kids
      • Ciji Ware has provided some of the most fascinating and enlightening talks ever presented at the Huntington Library.
        Evie Cutting, Special Events Manager, Huntington Library, San Marino, CA
      • A great asset to any writers conference, Ciji Ware is an able historian, a riveting public speaker, and most generous in her willingness to impart what she knows about the craft of writing.
        Mary Alice Monroe, Founder, Low Country Writers Conference, Isle of Palms, SC
      • Ware’s meticulous research and first class talent for invention in Island of the Swans reclaims a woman lost to history, a powerful and controversial figure in her day, and all but unknown in ours.
        Publisher’s Weekly
      • In her second novel, Wicked Company, Ware again proves she can intertwine fact and fiction to create an entertaining and harmonious whole, offering a fascinating portrayal of London’s theatrical milieu, with characters such as [government censor Edward] Capell, Garrick and Frances Sheridan–mother of Richard Brinsley and a playwright herself–convincingly drawn from history.
        Publisher’s Weekly
      • From the award-winning author of Island of the Swans comes a rich, engrossing tale set in 18th century London’s bawdy Drury Lane.
        Buy.com Review
      • After brilliantly breathing life into historical London, Edinburgh, Natchez, and New Orleans, Ware, in A Race to Splendor, now sets her sights on fin-de-siècle San Francisco. Richly drawn characters set against the backdrop of the ‘06 earthquake will keep you turning those pages!
        Michael Llewellyn,
        author of Twelfth Night
      • Ciji Ware’s skill as both an historian and storyteller continue to amaze. A Race to Splendor won’t disappoint her legion of fans—especially those who have left their hearts in San Francisco.
        Maggie Lyons,
        author of Heirs of Rebellion
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    • Testimonials

      Really nice things said here...

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