Father-Daughter Fiction

October 1, 2013 by · 4 Comments 

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Image 3I have been in “radio silence” for the last weeks while working pretty long hours to get a first draft of That Autumn in Edinburgh finished by October 1, and–glory-of-glories–I managed to do it! Next up? Starting on page one to do a polish (or two…or three…) and hoping that I can make the deadline of getting this second novel in the “Four Seasons Quartet” published before the end of the year…perhaps by December 1.Harlan_Ware_circa_1950

Meanwhile, I heard from a very good writer and reporter who recently wrote an initial blog about a film made from a novel that my father, Harlan Ware, wrote called Come, Fill the Cup starring James Cagney, Raymond Massey, and Gig Young. The translation of the book-to-movie is a rather involved story–with some great photographs–and Moira Finnie has done a terrific job telling this rather tortuous tale.

A few days after she posted it, she tracked me down with a few questions, which I answered, including some family photographs of my own, and soon a second blog appeared. I thought both of them might be of interest to some of you classic movie buffs!

That Autumn EdinburghSo enjoy…while I’ll get back to work on this novel (see new cover on left!)…which would make a terrific movie, in my unbiased opinion…