Reviews for “That Summer in Cornwall”

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  • She's Done it Again!!!

    Ciji Ware has done it again! She has created a world you can step right into. And best of all, it is a world in which you can totally lose yourself. Thank you, Ciji, we've been waiting for this one!
    belle weather
  • Wonderfully written story of love and redemption

    What a great read! I couldn't it put it down. And I loved the story of dog training interwoven with the plot. Ciji definitely blew all the walls down in this book which was marvelous to see. I actually thought she was writing about people I know at times.
    Kathryn Bailey
  • Lovely novel with great characters.

    What a brilliant novel! The characters are beautifully written and the energy of the story is really refreshing. I haven't read A COTTAGE BY THE SEA yet but after this experience I'm excited to pick it up!
  • Wonderful

    I have been waiting for a sequel to "A Cottage by the Sea" since I first read it, and I have to say "That Summer in Cornwall" certainly didn't disappoint. A real page turner, this book had be from the beginning right to the final page!!
  • Engaging characters, engrossing plots, and entertaining

    Woohoo, finally, the wait is over! I loved Cottage by the Sea and can't wait to read That Summer in Cornwall. Ciji is a superb storyteller who weaves interesting historical facts into all of her novels. She always writes compelling page-turners, so I'm sure this one won't be any different. Ciji does a great job of creating engaging characters, engrossing plots, and entertaining dialogue.
    S. Howard
  • Yay!! The next chapter in Cottage by the Sea

    I am so excited to have a Cottage by the Sea sequel. I thoroughly enjoyed the first story and it will be wonderful to see what happens to all the characters Ciji Ware made me fall in love with. I always enjoy Ciji's books...she brings a sense of history, and good old fashioned drama to her characters lives. I usually wait for vacation to read her books as I get immersed but I may have to make an exception.. The wait is over. Yippee!
    Cynthia Mason
  • Heartwarming and a Wonderfully Well Written stand alone
    sequel to A Cottage By the Sea

    Ciji Ware is a superb author about strong, capable women and marvelously detailed and researched stories that keep me turning the page into the wee hours of the night and this new novel is no different. I had the privilege of reading it pre-publishing and thoroughly enjoyed reading about Meredith and Sebastian, catching up with Blythe the heroine from A Cottage By the Sea ten years later, all set in the magical countryside of Cornwall with a lovely reunion with Painter's Cottage. And if you love dogs, you will love this book! The detail Ciji puts into her stories is always so interesting and informative. I am a major Anglophile and this book ticks all my boxes!
    D. Barr

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