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“Ware’s meticulous research and first class talent for invention in Island of the Swans reclaims a woman lost to history, a powerful and controversial figure in her day, and all but unknown in ours.”

Publisher’s Weekly

“Ciji Ware is a true master at bringing to life a story so fascinating that it should come with a warning-do not start unless you want to be up all night!”

Romantic Times

“In her second novel, Wicked Company, Ware again proves she can intertwine fact and fiction to create an entertaining and harmonious whole, offering a fascinating portrayal of London’s theatrical milieu, with characters such as [government censor Edward] Capell, Garrick and Frances Sheridan-mother of Richard Brinsley and a playwright herself-convincingly drawn from history.”

Publisher’s Weekly

“From the award-winning author of Island of the Swans comes a rich, engrossing tale set in 18th century London’s bawdy Drury Lane.” Review

“After brilliantly breathing life into historical London, Edinburgh, Natchez, and New Orleans, Ware, in A Race to Splendor, now sets her sights on fin-de-siècle San Francisco. Richly drawn characters set against the backdrop of the ’06 earthquake will keep you turning those pages!”

Michael Llewellyn,
author of Twelfth Night

“Ciji Ware’s skill as both an historian and storyteller continue to amaze. A Race to Splendor won’t disappoint her legion of fans-especially those who have left their hearts in San Francisco.”

Maggie Lyons,
author of Heirs of Rebellion

“A Cottage by the Sea is as charming and engrossing as Daphne duMaurier at her best. If you like historical novels (or even if you don’t), you’ll love this book and its very believable heroine.”


“Peopled with characters who will capture your imagination…’ll believe in the ability of love to transcend time and place. Ciji Ware’s writing is superb!”

Romantic Times magazine

“In Midnight on Julia Street, Ware transports you to New Orleans in the modern day and back in time and captures all its charm. You’ll see, hear, feel and taste the flavor of N’awlins..It’s a Big Easy and a must read.”

Rendezvous Reviews

“A Fascinating story…If you like historical fiction, then you will be sorry when you turn the last page.”

Florida News Chief

“In this wonderful sequel to Midnight on Julia Street (1999), Daphne Duvallon in A Light on the Veranda leaves her native New Orleans for New York City after abandoning her philandering fiance at the altar in front of 500 guests. Now her brother, King, wants her to come back south for his wedding in Natchez. A talented Julliard-trained harpist, the trip truly becomes a life-altering experience when she meets Sim Hopkins, a nature photographer. Both are cautious, and for good reason, as the distant past impacts their future, cued by the music of a mysterious harp. This ghostly instrument opens a gateway to a sequence of tragic events beginning in the late 1790s. Thoroughly engaging in its own right.”

Patty Engelmann,
American Library Association

“As someone well acquainted with Natchez, the setting for A Light on the Veranda I found this book to be an honest reflection of a unique town lost in time. It’s both engrossing and entertaining and shows a vivid familiarity with the Mississippi landscape, both past and present, as it gracefully weaves dual story lines. In no way a frothy romance, VERANDA is a richly rewarding read brimming with local color, humor, sexual tension, environmental issues and even a fun glimpse into the world of jazz bands.”

Five-Star review,


“Whichever path you choose – aging in place, downsizing, upsizing, or purchasing a second home, the anecdotes, tips, and specific suggestions, steps, and references in Rightsizing Your Life will make the process easier – emotionally, financially, and physically.”

Jan Cullinane,
The New Retirement: The Ultimate Guide to the Rest of Your Life

“Ciji Ware takes us by the hand and leads us through the cascade of predictable emotions, giving us the practical help that makes [rightsizing] all seem quite doable.”

Gail Sheehy,
Passages and Sex and the Seasoned Woman

“Rightsizing Your Life is an excellent guide to gaining freedom from possessions and focusing on what really matters.”

Jeri Sedlar,
Don’t Retire, Rewire

“Ciji Ware shows us that rightsizing is not a mournful process, but a healthy, positive adventure that ushers us into a rewarding and liberating phase of our lives —rightsizing is downsizing reinvented.”

Margit Novack,
President, Moving Solutions;
Founding President,
National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM)

“Ciji Ware provides the blueprint to help you attain balance and spiritual joy in the next phase of your life.”

Mary Furlong,
Founder of SeniorNet, and The Boomer Summit

“Filled with practical tips and encouraging words from someone who’s been there, done that… this is one of those books that can change your life. When you get around to rightsizing your book collection, you’ll want to make this one a keeper.”

Donna Smallin,
Author of The One-Minute Organizer

“Ciji Ware’s Rightsizing will have readers looking at themselves with a discerning eye and crafting a new journey toward a more simplified, organized and inspired experience full of more time to do the things they really want to do in life.”

Kip Tindell,
CEO, The Container Store

“Sharing Parenthood After Divorce is not only an “enlightened guide” for parents struggling with the aftermath of dissolution, but offers a blueprint for perhaps the single most humane approach to helping children make a sane transition to their new reality.”

Hugh MacIsaacs,
Former Director of Family Mediation,
Los Angeles

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